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If you are looking for a preschool in Pasco, WA then look no further than Sweet Pea Academy! The earliest years of a child’s life are among the most important. This is when children are making daily discoveries about the world around them and developing in many new and different ways. My academy follows a well-designed program that fosters that development and helps young children grow into confident, lifelong learners.

At Sweet Pea Academy, my skilled and caring staff follows a development curriculum that helps children successfully navigate the world around them. My program is for children as young as two years old. At this age, children are just beginning to explore their independence. My preschool gives children multiple opportunities to discover the world around them while engaging their young minds with learning activities and structured play.

As your children get older, the curriculum at Sweet Pea Academy grows with them and will begin to introduce them to educational fundamentals that build a strong foundation for academic success. My program incorporates hands-on learning that fosters children’s independence and creativity. Throughout the day, your child will have the freedom to make choices and learn responsibility while still having plenty of fun.

The best learning programs for young learners help them develop socially, mentally, and physically. At Sweet Pea Academy, your children will have plenty of chances for all three as they play with other children and explore their surroundings. Students will engage in a blend of art, music, and movement in order to prepare them for future learning.

Preschool is where young learners begin to develop the learning identities that they will keep their entire academic career.

At Sweet Pea Academy, I help foster a love of learning in children. Invest in your child’s future success by reserving a spot in my program today.

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